If you are interested in a property, you should ensure that you are willing to accept the offer if you are the successful bidder.

Once you are logged in to your account you will only be able to bid for the size of property that you are eligible for. You may be able to bid for a smaller property if it is not managed by one of our registered providers.

You will not be able to bid for a property larger than you have been approved for.

You should not bid for a property that you would not consider living in. If your bid is successful and you are offered the property, we will count this as an offer even if you later change your mind. You should consider visiting the area and checking out the location before making a bid so that you are sure that you are interested.

Properties may be advertised with restrictions on (such as ground floor properties) may only be open to applicants who cannot manage any stairs. Some properties may have medical adaptations i.e. level access shower, wet rooms or wheelchair accessible / adapted. Applicants who require the medical adaptations will be prioritised for these particular properties. We will be very clear when we advertise a property of any restrictions or conditions that will apply.

Bidding just means letting us know you are interested in being considered for a property.

You can bid directly by logging into your application to see the properties that are available to you. When you have searched for a property and decide you want to bid, click on the "full property info" button which gives you more detailed information if you decide to place a bid you click on "bid property".

You can make a maximum of three bids per week.

If you need help bidding, you should contact the Lettings Team on [email protected].

You need to bid before the deadline advertised as if you bid after this, you will not be considered.

Please note that if you bid for a property and are highly placed, your bidding position is dependent upon your circumstances being checked and verified.

If you have forgotten your login details please contact the Lettings Team on [email protected] to recover your password.

A bid is your expression of interest in being considered for an advertised property. Placing a bid does not guarantee that you get the property. The Lettings team still need to check and verify your information to ensure the property is suitable for your household.

We can only consider people for properties that they have told us they are interested in.

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